Sprouting FAQ

Sometimes sprouting and growing microgreens can be stressful when you first get started. These are the question ask commonly by our customers.

Why do my sprouts looks moldy?

Normally you see these white ‘mold’ just before your rinse and 99.9% of them are actually root hairs, especially when you are growing Broccoli or Radish. Try to rinse them and they should fall back to the main root. You probably would not see them again until your next rinse.

Of course, it is possible that your sprouts really have mold or fungus on them and the most common causes are:

1. Poor air-circulation, don’t put them in a closed cabinet.

2. Insufficient draining after rinses

3. A not clean enough sprout jar, sterilize when necessary.

4. Bad or old seeds (our seeds are fine)

Try to avoid them and keep your sprouts happy 😀

Where are the seeds from?

Our high germinating seeds are untreated, non-GMO and pesticide free. The alfalfa seeds are from Australia, broccoli seeds are from New Zealand and radish seeds are from the United State. All seeds are tested for pathogens.

Why are my seeds not sprouting?

There are a few basics of sprouting, try to follow the best practise to avoid failure:

Store your seeds in a cool, dry and dark place.

Soak them for the suggested time.

Proper rinsing equals to watering your sprouts, rinse your sprouts 2-3 times thoroughly under cold water per day.

Draining is essential after rinsing. Sitting your sprouts in a puddle will likely cause crop failure.

Your sprouts prefer a clean environment with enough air circulation. Your sprouts will die if they can’t breathe and sterilize your jar when necessary. Keep your hands clean when you are sprouting them!

I heard that it is harder to sprout in summer?

If heat and humidity are high, mold or fungus are easier to form. Try to move your jar to somewhere cooler. If moving is impossible, try to add an extra rinse to your daily routine and use cold water instead of cool water. Another method is to reduce the number of seeds you plant each time, to ensure enough airflow.

Will my seeds die if I soak them for too long?

Soaking seeds will wake them up but they will NOT germinate if they are left in water. If you have soaked them more than the suggested time, they may actually die, try to smell if they sting, or else, they should be fine. If you are not sure, follow the instruction to give a few good rinse and drain for one more day to see if the seeds start sprouting.

How should I store my seeds?

Seed storage requires cool temperature, low humidity and darkness. You may also keep them refrigerated at 4-10 degree celsius for a longer shelf life.

How long do the seeds last?

Normally, the seeds last for 12 to 24 months, depending on the storing condition.

How should I store my sprouts?

Wrapping with kitchen paper and keep refrigerated can keep the sprouts for 3 to 5 days.

Any more tips to share?

Check out our Sprouting 101 session in our blog to explore more about sprouting and growing microgreens.

I tried everything you said but I am not sure why it still does not work?

Give us more details via email at [email protected] or find us on our Facebook Page.

We are always happy to help! 🙂