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Tired of buying expensive tasteless greens at the grocery store?

Sprouts in a Jar is your answer to it.

Growing your own food isn’t rocket science and there’s nothing like fresh vegetables grown in your own home and harvested at the peak of freshness.

Any home can be garden fresh, it’s all in our sprouting kit.

Our jar is designed to make the process easy and fun.  We provide high quality broccoli, radish and alfalfa seeds from Australia, New Zealand and United States. No soil or sunlight is needed to grow delicious, nutritious sprouts, all you need are just water, time and love!

Start your stress relieving sprout-growing journey with us today 😀

8 reviews for Basic Sprouting Kit

  1. mymyshoes

    i love it, easy to use.

  2. Forl

    The sieve is so good, easy to clean, much better than using cheese cloth. Recommended.

  3. Benedict Chan

    Comes with 3 different seeds, all grown successfully.

  4. Abby Lee

    Easy to use, instruction is slightly unclear, online instruction better.

  5. A.C.

    The kit comes with three packs of seeds, like it.

  6. Iambigkid


  7. DaphyLim

    Easy to wash, good.

  8. 페파

    Love it, sprouting a lot after I bought the jar.

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